[HUMAN] The Last Reading Group Meeting of the Semester, Multimodality (Mondada, 2007)

The last reading group meeting of the semester will be held next Tuesday at 15:30 (26th of April) in the meeting room of HUMAN Research Centre. We will read and discuss Mondada’s seminal work on multimodality this week.

Mondada, L. (2007). Multimodal resources for turn-taking pointing and the emergence of possible next speakers. Discourse studies, 9(2), 194-225.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.17.17

For the structure of reading group meetings (2015), see the list below:

We will start the reading group by summarising the articles, followed by an in-depth discussion of them.

Additionally, you may want to do some of the following in order to prepare for the discussion:

  • Write down any questions you may have about the articles

  • Find one or more passages that you find interesting

  • Think about how the points presented in the articles relate to other theories or to your own research

  • Choose the paper you agree with the most, then pretend to be the devil’s advocate and criticize the authors’ viewpoints

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