The Second Reading Group Meeting – Usage-Based Linguistics and CA

Thanks for the lively discussions during our first reading group last week.

The next reading group is going to take place on Wednesday, July 22nd at 3PM, in the meeting room of the department of foreign language education, 3rd floor.

The topic for the next reading group is “Usage-Based Linguistics/Conversation Analysis Interface”. We’re going to read an article by Søren W. Eskildsen about his longitudinal study in which he uses Usage-Based Linguistics (UBL) and Conversation Analysis (CA) to track how two L2 learners learn L2 negation constructions. He argues that CA should be used as a complementary tool in UBL studies.

Eskildsen, S. W. (2012). L2 negation constructions at work. Language Learning, 62(2), 335-372.

Structure of the reading group:

We will start the reading group by summarizing the article, followed by an in-depth discussion. To prepare for the reading group, please read the article.

Additionally, you may want to do some of the following in order to prepare for the discussion:

Write down any questions you may have about the article
Find one or more passages that you find interesting
Think about how the points presented in the article relate to other theories or to your own research
Pretend to be the devil’s advocate and criticize the author’s viewpoints

In the future reading groups, we’re going to talk about:

CA replication (Markee 2015)
Experimental CA (Voutilainen et al 2015)
Ethnography/Micro-analysis (Cekaite 2007)
Knowledge displays (Koole 2010)
CA-for-SLA (TBD)

Hope to see you next week! 🙂

Maria Vanessa Aus Der Wieschen

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